Sustainable products in the building and technical trade

We have classified the products and investments in each division that are sustainable from a climate and/or biodiversity perspective. We defined sustainable products as those which have a significantly smaller impact on the climate or biodiversity than comparable products or which are important for adapting to climate change or preventing the loss of biodiversity. Our next goal is to report the percentage of sustainable products of our net sales.

1. Products reducing energy consumption and emissions

This category includes products which minimize heat loss and cooling demand such as insulation. Also included are products which optimize energy consumption such as smart control systems, heat recovery solutions and energy efficient solutions. For example, heat pumps provide excellent efficiency and an opportunity to optimize heating in a sustainable way. In lighting, LED solutions reduce energy consumption to a fraction while offering an exceptionally long service life.  

2. Renewable energy supply and distribution products

This category includes renewable energy production and storage solutions as well as electric vehicle charging stations. 

Solar power systems reduce consumption of tariff based electricity and ultimately enable fully self-sufficient energy supply. 

By coupling a solar power plant with an electric vehicle charging station, emissions can be reduced significantly and also the payback period of the investment becomes shorter.

3. Sustainable timber and wood products

Sustainable timber and wood products are PEFC- or FSC-certified. Sustainable timber is a versatile, non-toxic, durable and renewable construction material. Certified timber is harvested from sustainably managed forests and widely available. This provides every builder the opportunity to make a sustainable choice.   

4. Products enabling a healthy and sustainable indoor environment

Good indoor air at home is essential for healthy living. A wide variety of modern options for surface materials meet high requirements for indoor air quality, for example M1 certified indoor paints. 

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