Kesko to acquire Mark & Infra i Sverige AB, a company that serves technical wholesale professionals in Sweden

Kesko has agreed to acquire the Swedish Mark & Infra i Sverige AB (MIAB), a company specialising in the sales of water and sewage products. The acquisition will strengthen Onninen’s technical wholesale offering to Infra customers in Sweden.

Mark & Infra i Sverige AB was founded in 2014 and headquartered in Stockholm. In 2018, the company recorded net sales of €18.4 million and an EBIT for the period of €1.7 million. MIAB has a strong foothold in the Mälardalen region in three cities: Stockholm, Västerås and Örebro and its’ clients include international construction companies as well as larger nationwide and smaller regional construction firms. The company employs some 20 professionals.

K Group’s building and technical trade division operates in eight countries. In Sweden, the division operates 34 K-Bygg stores for professional builders and 17 K-rauta stores. In addition, Onninen Sweden is serving a wide range of customers within the Infra technical trade business. Kesko’s strategic objective is to strengthen the market position of its building and technical trade division in Northern Europe and to improve profitability in all operating countries.

“This acquisition is an example of our strategic objective to make selected acquisitions to strengthen our position especially among technical trade customers and professional builders.   MIAB complements Onninen’s current growing Infra business in Sweden and expands our offering of water and sewage products considerably,” says Jorma Rauhala, President of the building and technical trade division and Deputy to Kesko’s President and CEO.

Further information:
Jorma Rauhala, President of the building and technical trade division, Deputy to President and CEO of Kesko Corporation, tel. +358 105 322 211,
Jessica Diktonius, Director, Communications, K Group's building and technical trade, tel.
+358 40 709 9176,

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Kesko and K-retailers form K Group, whose sales total approximately €13 billion. K Group is the third largest retail operator in northern Europe and it employs approximately 43,000 people. Kesko operates in the grocery trade, the building and technical trade and the car trade. Its divisions and chains act in close cooperation with retailer entrepreneurs and other partners. Kesko's net sales are €11 billion and it employs approximately 25,000 people. Kesko has more than 1,800 stores engaged in chain operations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Poland. Kesko is a listed company and its shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. The company's domicile and main premises are in Helsinki. Kesko is the world's most sustainable grocery trade company (The Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World).

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