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IR Blog: recap of Kesko’s key events in Q2/2023


Kesko will publish its 2023 half-year financial report on Thursday, 27 July 2023, at around 8.00 am Finnish time. An English audiocast/teleconference for investors and analysts will be held at 9.00 am Finnish time. Registeration for the audiocast is available here.



  • Kesko roadshow presentation for May 2023. (presentation)

  • Sports trade has been reported as part of Kesko’s car trade division as of 1 April. Sports trade was previously part of the building and technical trade division – comparison figures for the new segment structure were released in May. (release)

  • Change in the holding of Kesko's treasury shares. (release)


  • Kesko’s sales in April. (release)

  • Kesko’s sales in May. (release)

Sales figures for June will be released in mid-July.


  • K-Rauta was again named the best e-commerce operator (building and renovation) in Sweden. Decided by the public and a jury, K-Rauta’s online store was praised for its ability to make renovation projects fun and easy for consumers. This is the second year in a row K-Rauta has won the prize. (release in Swedish)

  • In an ongoing effort to support and facilitate the business operations of its customers, Kespro introduced a new data-based tool for restaurants and other foodservice wholesale customers that enables them to easily track and optimise their ingredient purchases. (release)


  • Kesko and K Group are committed to facilitating choices that promote customer health and wellbeing – work to increase labelling for healthier own brand food products is proceeding at a good clip. (release

  • Onninen offers a new carbon footprint report for its customers in Finland, detailing the environmental impact of its logistics operations. (release)

  • Kesko joins global climate collaboration with other leading building and home improvement trade operators in an effort to find new ways to reduce indirect Scope 3 emissions in its value chain. (release)

  • Onninen Norway has reduced its plastic consumption by 8.5 tonnes in just two years, while the Byggmakker chain is set to follow its example. (release in Norwegian)


  • Investor presentation by division President Ari Akseli, detailing recent performance and current focus areas. (presentation)


  • Onninen’s sales of solar power systems in Finland quadrupled last year – products related to solar power becoming one of the main categories boosted by the green transition, with strong interest from both B2B customers and consumers. (release)

  • Investor presentation by division President Jorma Rauhala, with special focus on the impact of the green transition on Onninen’s business. (presentation)

  • The cornerstone was laid for the new Onnela logistics centre, which is the biggest construction project in Kesko’s history. The 85,000 square metre centre will serve both Onninen and K-Auto, and support Kesko’s growth strategy in Finland. (release)


  • New division President Sami Kiiski has vast experience of working in the B2C business and dealing with strong international brands. He believes that a multichannel approach is a winning recipe for building the best customer experience in the business. (blog post)

  • Sustainability is an increasingly important consideration for Finnish drivers when choosing their next car. According to a survey by K-Auto, when it comes to choosing their next car, over 60% of Finnish drivers are looking to reduce emissions, 76% to improve traffic safety, and 59% overall want a more environmentally friendly vehicle. (release in Finnish)

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