Solar panels go mainstream in Finland: both B2B and B2C customers now shopping for solar power systems

The impact of the green transition can be seen in the figures for Kesko’s technical wholesale subsidiary Onninen: as the biggest importer of solar power systems in Finland, Onninen saw its related sales quadruple in 2022. Moreover, the sales of solar power products have yet to peak. Meanwhile, consumers shopping at our K-Rauta building and home improvement stores are also showing increased interest in solar power, thanks to the rise in energy costs and more affordable solar panel prices.

Solar power systems have quickly become one of the main categories of products related to the green transition for Onninen, which is the market leader and biggest importer of these systems in Finland. In 2022, Onninen sold hundreds of thousands of solar panels, and this year it has already received more than 100 freight containers full of panels.

”We quadrupled our sales of solar power systems last year, with large-scale orders from B2B customers and growing interest among consumers. The latter are attracted to the improved price/efficiency ratio of solar panels, the general rise in energy prices, and the possibility to sell their excess electricity to the grid”, explains Arto Koivisto, the director in charge of renewable energy products and business at Onninen.

Solar power systems are sized to meet the electricity consumption of each user. Holiday homes typically require 50-200 Wp, houses 5–10 kWp, while industrial systems can reach several megawatts. Correctly sized solar power systems can mean energy savings of 10-20% for consumers.

Solar power system technology is developing at a fast pace, and in Onninen’s view, its deployment in Finland has only just begun.

”Under favourable conditions, solar power already accounts for some 10% of Finnish electricity production. At the moment, most panels are situated on rooftops, but ground-mount systems are growing in popularity and will continue to do so in upcoming years. With advances in technology and acceleration in the green transition, solar power can become one of the main means of energy production in 10 to 20 years,” says Koivisto.

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