Kesko’s biggest ever construction project soon to take shape as the cornerstone of the new 85,000 square metre logistics centre is laid in Hyvinkää

Kesko is building a new logistics centre in Hyvinkää, Finland for its technical wholesale company Onninen and its car trade business K-Auto. The centre will have a surface area of approximately 85,000 square metres, and will be completed in phases between 2025 and 2030. The ceremonial cornerstone for the centre was laid today.

The new logistics centre, named Onnela, is the largest single construction project in Kesko’s history, and one of the largest ongoing construction projects in Finland. The 85,000 square metre logistics centre is equivalent to the size of 12 football fields, and to walk around the fence surrounding the plot, one would need to cover a distance of 2.5 kilometres.

"A large construction project always requires major collaboration. One of the drivers for growth in Kesko’s building and technical trade division is the green transition. The Onnela logistics centre will be supplying products to the whole of Finland, including solar panels and inverters needed for solar power systems, wind power cables, electric vehicle charging stations, as well as a wide range of more traditional technical wholesale products," says Jorma Rauhala, the President of Kesko’s building and technical trade division.

Environmental and nature values have been taken into account in the construction of the centre from the very beginning. An ecologist assigned to the project is inventorying the natural values of the plot and preparing a proposal for offsets. All electricity used in the centre will be renewable, and a solar power plant will be built on the site. The goal is to obtain a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM certification for the building.

Upgrading to a bigger logistics centre in Finland is aligned with Kesko’s growth strategy, and the company is investing over €300 million in the project. Work on the site began in October 2022, and construction on the logistics centre's frame is set to begin at the end of June. Onnela will be completed in stages between the years 2025 and 2030.


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