Kespro’s new data tool makes it easier for restaurants to track and optimise their purchases

Kespro has introduced a new data-based service for restaurants and other foodservice wholesale customers. The new reporting tools is available to Kespro customers free-of-charge, and enables them to easily track how much euros they are spending on specific ingredients, how many kilos they are buying, and how sustainable their purchases are.

"Our objective is to help restaurants and our other foodservice customers develop their business and profitability based on data. When our customers can access their purchase data in one place and in easy-to-understand form, it makes its easier for them to track and optimise their purchases," says Taiju Jaatinen, Head of Service Operations at Kesko’s foodservice wholesale company Kespro.

The data utilised by the new service is compiled from purchases made by the customer directly from Kespro and from purchases whose invoices circulate through Kespro.

The new service not only provides an overview of the wholesale customer’s purchases, but also detailed information that can be filtered in various ways, such as by supplier or by product. The service also allows the customer to compare the data for different time periods or restaurant locations.

“Pre-made reports provide quick information at a glance. Users can also make and save their own report templates," Jaatinen says.

Focus on sustainability

One significant feature for many customers is the information the new data tool provides on how much of the customer’s purchases are of local and Finnish origin. The tool also enables customers to track the percentage of purchases that have been certified as responsible through e.g. Fair Trade, organic and other sustainability labelling.

"These days, sustainability is increasingly important for both our customers and also their customers. With easy access to data, restaurants can set themselves targets for increasing e.g. the use of local Finnish products, and utilise the data in their sustainability-related communications," Jaatinen explains.

"Restaurants can be busy environments, which is why the tools they use must be efficient and offer real benefits. Our data service has been developed together with the customers to ensure it is as user-friendly and relevant as possible. I am pleased that we can now offer this service more widely to our customers," says Jaatinen.

Additional information on the new service can be found on Kespro’s website (in Finnish).

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