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K Group’s health targets are moving forward: more than 30 Pirkka products already carry the Heart Symbol

Making heart-friendly yet affordable choices at the grocery store will be easier once the Heart Symbol is added to familiar Pirkka products. To date, almost a hundred Pirkka products have been granted the right to use the Heart Symbol, and the symbol has already been added to the packaging of more than 30 products. K Group is committed to facilitating choices that promote wellbeing by setting health targets and making nutrition commitments.

Responsibility, Customer, Company, Media

24.04.2023 07:30

Kesko’s sales in March

Kesko Group's sales in March 2023 totalled €1,100.5 million, representing an increase of 0.4% in comparable terms.

Investor, Media

18.04.2023 08:00

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