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April 2020

K Group increases its renewable electricity production sixfold by committing to Finnish wind power

K Group will increase its share of renewable electricity by committing to purchasing wind power from a new wind farm to be built in Finland for the next 15 years. This will increase K Group’s own renewable energy production sixfold by the end of 2022.

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08.04.2020 09:30

Helping those over 70 years old – K Group opens new services for older people

Exceptional times require agility and rapid reaction. K-food retailers across Finland have created a new way of helping customers aged over 70 – dedicated shopping slots, online shopping for groceries and home delivery services. Moreover, K Group has opened new helpline and phone order services that assist over-70s in shopping for groceries at K-food stores. K Group is also calling on its customers to pitch in, as every one of us can offer shopping help in these exceptional times.

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03.04.2020 12:42

Kesko adjusts its operations due to the coronavirus epidemic

Lay-off measures are estimated to affect approximately 2,000 Kesko employees in Finland – Kesko has managed to significantly reduce the number with employee transfers between units.

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03.04.2020 12:00

The first weeks under coronavirus restrictions: “Retail sector takes the lead in confronting the crisis”

According to President and CEO Mikko Helander, the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic is under control in K Group’s stores and logistics chain, thanks in part to domestic food production. “In a crisis situation, we can’t rely on having a large proportion of our food shipped in across the Baltic Sea. This is why we have been talking about the importance of domestic food production and Finland’s self-sufficiency for a long time.”

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03.04.2020 10:49

Kesko involved in international coronavirus testing collaboration, Kesko personnel to be tested

Kesko and ten other Finnish companies have launched a project aiming at nearly doubling the number of coronavirus tests performed in Finland. Capacity will be increased by organising an air freight connection for samples to Mehiläinen’s partner laboratory in South Korea.

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02.04.2020 11:05

March 2020

Danish Agro Group assumes ownership of Konekesko’s Baltic subsidiaries

Konekesko Oy and the Danish Agro Group company DA Agravis Machinery Holding A/S have today completed the transaction concerning Konekesko’s remaining stake in its Baltic subsidiaries. The transaction was completed after Danish Agro in March 2020 met the conditions set by the European Commission, namely the approval for the divestment of its certain business operations in Estonia.

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31.03.2020 18:30

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