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April 2021

Finns favour domestic products at a level that is exceptional on a global scale

The tendency to favour domestic products is a global phenomenon in which Finland rises to the top, as Finns prefer domestic products more than average. At K Group, we work hard to ensure the good availability of Finnish products in both our grocery and building and home improvement stores, and the effort is reflected in our sales data. Growth in the sales of Finnish products, especially those with origin labelling, clearly exceeded market growth in Finland last year.

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29.04.2021 13:05

All Pirkka and K-Menu tuna cans to have QR codes that enable customers to access information on the products’ origin

Where does the tuna sold in K Group stores come from and is it sustainably caught? K Group is adding QR codes to its canned Pirkka and K Menu tuna products to enable customers to check the origin of the products at the store. The first tuna products with QR codes can already be found in K Group stores.

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29.04.2021 13:00

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