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June 2023

Kesko’s sales in May

Kesko Group's sales in May 2023 totalled €1,095.6 million, representing an increase of 1.5%.

Investor, Media

14.06.2023 08:45

Onninen provides its customers data on the carbon footprint of its logistics operations

In a response to customer requests, Kesko’s technical wholesale company Onninen has introduced a new report which details the emissions arising from Onninen’s transport and packaging of products in Finland. The report helps Onninen’s B2B customers track the carbon footprint of the products that they order.

Responsibility, Media

12.06.2023 11:53

May 2023

Kesko’s sales in April

Kesko Group's sales in April 2023 totalled €964.4 million, representing a decrease of 3.8% in comparable terms.

Investor, Media

15.05.2023 08:00

Solar panels go mainstream in Finland: both B2B and B2C customers now shopping for solar power systems

The impact of the green transition can be seen in the figures for Kesko’s technical wholesale subsidiary Onninen: as the biggest importer of solar power systems in Finland, Onninen saw its related sales quadruple in 2022. Moreover, the sales of solar power products have yet to peak. Meanwhile, consumers shopping at our K-Rauta building and home improvement stores are also showing increased interest in solar power, thanks to the rise in energy costs and more affordable solar panel prices.

Responsibility, Company, Media

05.05.2023 00:00

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