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February 2021

K Group strengthens its biodiversity efforts - new website published

Cocoa from Africa, soy from South America and palm oil from Indonesia – how does K Group ensure that the production of the products it sells does not harm the environment? K Group sees loss of biodiversity as a significant threat and will further strengthen its biodiversity work this year. Customers will be offered even more sustainable alternatives to choose from, such as products with responsibility certification, juices made using food waste products and recyclable packaging.

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26.02.2021 11:49

The year of the pandemic was a great year for bottle collection – customers returned 614 million cans and bottles to K-stores for recycling

The time that people spent at home, what they ate and drank, and remote working were all reflected in bottle collection figures. During the year of the Covid-19 pandemic, a record-breaking number of around 614 million deposit cans and bottles were returned to the reverse vending machines at K-food stores.

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16.02.2021 12:04

Kesko’s sales in January

Kesko Group's sales totalled €764.5 million in January 2021, representing a decrease of 3.3% in comparable terms on the previous year.

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12.02.2021 08:00

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