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February 2022

Sustainable Product label for responsibility makes choosing easier for Kespro's customers

Kespro makes it easier for its customers to make responsible choices by marking the background information of its products with the Sustainable Product label if the product has been manufactured responsibly. The new label was introduced in December 2021, and its use will gradually expand.

Responsibility, Customer, Media

02.02.2022 16:29

January 2022

Cardboard packaging for Pirkka tulips will reduce the use of plastic by nearly 30 tonnes per year

Recyclable cardboard boxes will replace the plastic buckets that have been used to transport Pirkka tulips. This will reduce the use of plastic by 27 tonnes each year, corresponding to around 1.3 million plastic bags. The replacement of plastic transportation buckets is one of the measures implemented under K Group’s plastics policy.

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27.01.2022 10:29

Kesko once again makes the list of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World

Finnish Kesko Corporation is the only company in the world to have been included on the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World list by Corporate Knights every year since the list was first established in 2005. Compiled base on rigorous sustainability assessments, the 2022 list includes the world’s top 1% in corporate sustainability.

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19.01.2022 15:00

December 2021

K Group’s Trend Review

The Covid-19 pandemic has put health in focus and made us reflect on our lifestyles. As a result, people now intend to eat a more varied diet in 2022. As many as 54% of trendsetter consumers believe they will follow a varied diet in their everyday lives in the coming year. K Group once again listed the most interesting consumer behaviour trends and popular products.

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30.12.2021 08:11

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