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December 2023

Insider information: Jorma Rauhala appointed as Managing Director of Kesko Corporation and President and CEO of Kesko Group

The Board of Directors of Kesko Corporation has appointed Jorma Rauhala as the Managing Director of Kesko Corporation and President and CEO of Kesko Group as of 1 February 2024 as Mikko Helander retires. Rauhala is currently the President of Kesko’s building and technical trade division and Deputy CEO.

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19.12.2023 18:15

Kesko’s sales in November

Kesko Group’s sales in November 2023 totalled €998.2 million, representing a decrease of 3.5%.

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15.12.2023 08:00

Kesko ranked the best in its sector in Europe in the Dow Jones corporate sustainability assessment

For a second consecutive year, Kesko has been ranked the best sector company in Europe in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices the DJSI World and the DJSI Europe. In the global DJSI World, Kesko ranked fourth highest in its sector (Consumer Staples Distribution & Retail). Kesko’s long-term success is based on its determined efforts to promote sustainability in all three business divisions, namely grocery trade, building and technical trade, and car trade.

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11.12.2023 12:30

November 2023

Kesko’s sales in October

Kesko Group’s sales in October 2023 totalled €1,059.1 million, representing an increase of 1.9%.

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14.11.2023 08:00

Kesko to purchase plots in Lahti in a continued effort to update its network of grocery store sites in line with its growth strategy

Kesko has purchased two plots at Kauppakatu 16 in the city of Lahti from Luhta-Kiinteistöt Oy. The deal is part of Kesko’s growth strategy, which involves updating existing grocery stores and opening several new ones in Finnish growth centres in upcoming years. Sales of Kesko’s K-Citymarket hypermarket stores in particular have been growing considerably, and the hypermarkets have a crucial impact on the profitability and market share of Kesko’s grocery store business.

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13.11.2023 10:00

Kesko commits to even more ambitious climate targets

Kesko commits to setting new long-term emission reduction targets, according to which it aims to reduce emissions in its whole value chain to net zero by the year 2050. Achieving net-zero targets will require zero emissions in all parts of the value chain, which in turn requires even tighter collaboration with suppliers to reduce emissions during manufacturing, and further efforts to increase sustainable consumption among customers.

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09.11.2023 13:30

Hyvis soup is the winner of the Food and Beverage category in the Most Sustainable Product in Finland competition

Hyvis sweet pepper and lentil soup was selected the winner of the Food and Beverage category in the Most Sustainable Product in Finland competition. The vegan convenience food made using sweet peppers that would otherwise go to waste was developed in cooperation between K Group and Juustoportti’s Kasvisgalleria. Developing food waste products is part of K Group’s activities to halve the amount of food waste.

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03.11.2023 07:15

October 2023

“Most significant improvement in recycling of waste since start of cardboard waste collection”

The separate collection of plastic packaging from businesses under the new Waste Act is the biggest single change in the way K-stores sort waste since the collection of cardboard waste was started in the 1990s. During January–August, the amount of plastic waste collected by K Group had already increased by 200 tonnes on the same period last year.

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27.10.2023 08:40

From clothing to raw material – K Group’s discarded workwear is given a new life as fibre

Discarded workwear is now recycled at K Group and converted into a new raw material for textiles. In a circular economy cooperation project with Touchpoint and Rester, discarded workwear will be recycled into fibre. Potential uses for the fibre are currently being sought in K Group’s own operations. In the future, an outfit worn by a salesperson at a K-store may end up as raw material for an interior decoration product or a new piece of clothing. The stores included in the cooperation have more than 20,000 employees, so a considerable amount of workwear is consumed.

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18.10.2023 00:00

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