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June 2022

Kesko tightens its sourcing policies in an effort to prevent deforestation – new policy set for the sustainable production of coffee and tea

In an effort to prevent deforestation and loss of biodiversity, Kesko has updated its sourcing policies. According to its new ‘No deforestation policy’, Kesko will only accept in its own brand selections wood, paper, palm oil, soy, cocoa, coffee and tea that have been produced 100% sustainably.

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13.06.2022 14:44

May 2022

K-Citymarket Lohja is holding a community work event for promoting biodiversity by replacing rugosa roses with endemic plants

Last year, K-Citymarket Lohja removed rugosa rose bushes from an area of thousands of square metres on the shop grounds. On Thursday 19 May, there will be a community work event to plant endemic plants in place of this invasive species. This is intended to advance biodiversity and encourage pollinators to find the area.

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25.05.2022 13:09

K Group’s grocery trade market share 36.6% in 2021 – leading operator in online grocery

K Group’s share of the Finnish grocery trade market totalled 36.6% in 2021. The biggest growth was seen in our K-Citymarket hypermarket chain, where sales were up by 3.9% compared to 2020. It was also the chain that was best able to grow its sales organically without new additions to the chain store network. In online grocery, K Group estimates it was the market leader with a market share of approximately 45%. The data is based on Nielsen’s Grocery Shop Directory published today.


19.05.2022 16:14

Kesko’s sales grew in April

Kesko Group's sales totalled €998.7 million in April 2022, representing an increase of 3.1% on the previous year. In comparable terms, sales grew by 2.5%.

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13.05.2022 08:00

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