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June 2021

K Group increases the use of Finnish wind power substantially – share of K Group’s electricity purchases to rise to 20%

K Group is increasing its purchases of Finnish wind power. K Group has signed an agreement to purchase annually some 50 GWh of electricity generated in a wind farm to be built in Northern Ostrobothnia, starting in 2023.

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04.06.2021 09:00

May 2021

Supporting Finnish food producers important to Finnish consumers – more than €5 million raised with the ‘Thank the Producer' model

In 2016, K Group launched its ‘Thank the Producer’ operating model, in which consumers in K Group grocery stores can choose to buy products that pay an additional sum to their Finnish producers. The total sum has since risen to nearly €5.5 million.

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21.05.2021 09:04

Kesko’s comparable sales grew in April

Kesko Group's sales totalled €969.1 million in April 2021, representing an increase of 11.7% in comparable terms on the previous year.

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17.05.2021 08:00

Food waste in K-food stores down by a record 9% in 2020

The reduction in food waste generated in K-food stores last year was attributable to various factors: demand grew during the pandemic, while K Group also took active measures and K-retailers came up with innovative solutions to minimise food waste. There is also an increasing number of products that utilise waste food, while consumers are growing more and more interested in products close to their sell-by date and sold at reduced prices.

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11.05.2021 09:33

Riikka Joukio, Kesko’s new EVP of Corporate Responsibility and Public Affairs, solves climate issues at work

Riikka Joukio joined Kesko’s Group Management Board on 12 April as she began work as the Executive Vice President in charge of corporate responsibility and public affairs. Before joining Kesko, she worked at Metsä Group, most recently as Senior Vice President, Climate and Circular Economy.

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06.05.2021 10:50

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