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Tero Lausala: A sense of community can shine through during times of trouble


The corona pandemic is a threat not only to our health but also to our livelihood, to Finnish work. Supply chains break down, subcontractors struggle to supply components and materials. Employees are sick or quarantined or need to stay home to take care of loved ones.

However, the biggest threat to companies is the loss of cash flow. When customers stop buying products, companies have no incoming cash flow, yet still need to deal with normal expenses.

Every link in the chain matters

Behind every product you buy in a store, there is a supply chain: for the product to reach us, all links in that chain need to constantly connect and work seamlessly together. For food, the chain starts at the farm and the work the producer does. From there it moves to the food industry for processing, then to stores, where we all have access to a wide selection of Finnish food, from local products to beloved national classics.

Non-food products also have very complex supply chains, which involve obtaining raw materials, semi-manufactured articles and components, product design, and development of safety and durability. Many companies also manufacture their products in Finland.

Stores play a central role in the chain: they select and obtain the products on offer to us every day. The trading sector employs nearly 300,000 Finns, and is thus a key link in the chain in terms of both work and welfare.

Nonetheless, the most important link are we who visit the stores, the consumers. By choosing Finnish products, we can have a direct impact and ensure that brilliant Finnish companies can continue their operation and offer employment to hundreds of thousands of people in this country.

Be part of a chain of good for Finnish work

In this situation, we can all act responsibly and support Finnish work and be part of a chain of good. If you can, please continue to buy Finnish products and services. In addition to essentials, those of us who have the opportunity can buy products that make our homes more beautiful, functional and comfortable. We can renovate and build our homes and improve our gardens. Whenever possible, we should choose Finnish products, and shop at brick-and-mortar and online stores that form part of the chain of good for Finnish work.

At the Association for Finnish Work, we have calculated that if every Finn was to spend an extra 10 euros a month on Finnish products and services, that would provide work to 10,000 Finns. Little choices make a big difference.

Tero Lausala
The Association for Finnish Work

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