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IR blog: recap of Q2/2022


Kesko will publish its Q2/2022 report on Tuesday, 26 July 2022, at around 8.00 am Finnish time. An English audiocast/teleconference for investors and analysts will be held at 9.00 am Finnish time.

Below is recap of Kesko's key events and news in Q2/2022.


  • Kesko’s 2022 Annual General Meeting was held on 7 April 2022. The meeting decided, among other things, to distribute a dividend of €1.06/share for 2021, to be paid in 4 instalments. (Annual General Meeting resolutions)

  • Kesko issued a positive profit warning due to better-than-anticipated market development in building and technical trade. (release)

  • Changes in the holding of Kesko’s treasury shares. (release 2 May, release 20 May)

  • The number of registered Kesko shareholders in Finland stood record-high at 73,159 at the end of May.


  • Kesko’s sales grew in April. (release)

  • Kesko’s sales grew in May. (release)

Sales figures for June will be released in mid-July.


  • Advanced digital services support Kesko’s success story in building and technical trade. (blog post in English, podcast in Finnish)

  • K-Rauta’s online store in Sweden named  best in its category. (release in Finnish and in Swedish)


  • In an effort to prevent deforestation and loss of biodiversity, Kesko updated its sustainable sourcing policies and introduced a new ‘No deforestation’ policy. Kesko will only accept 100% sustainably produced wood, paper, palm oil, soy, cocoa, coffee and tea in its own brand product ranges. (release)

  • K Group commits to halving its food waste by 2030 and introduces new products  made from edible food waste. (release)


  • According to Nielsen, K Group’s market share of Finnish grocery trade in 2021 was 36.6%. We estimate that Kesko was the leading operator in online grocery, with a market share of some 45%. (release)

  • Presentation on online grocery given by division President Ari Akseli at an analyst meeting on 5 May. (presentation)


  • Interview with division President Jorma Rauhala: “Growth in building and technical trade comes from all countries”. (blog post)

  • Investor presentation by division President Jorma Rauhala on 6 June. (presentation)

  • Kesko agreed to acquire Djurbergs Järnhandel, a building and home improvement store with net sales of some €11.3 million in 2021, and Föllinge såg, a company with net sales of some €6.3 million in 2021, for its K-Bygg chain in Sweden. (acquisition summaries)


  • Kesko is set to double its K Charge EV charging station network this year. By year-end, the network will comprise 200 charging stations, with focus on fast and high-power charging (HPC). In addition to K Group grocery stores, new stations will be located at K-Rauta building and home improvement store properties. Electric cars already account for one-third of new cars sold by K-Auto. (release in Finnish)

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