Future outlook

Financial statements release for 2022, published on 2 February 2023


Kesko Group’s guidance is given for the year 2023, in comparison with the year 2022. Kesko’s net sales and operating profit are estimated to remain at a good level in 2023 despite the challenges in the company’s operating environment. Kesko estimates that its comparable operating profit in 2023 will be in the range of €680-800 million.

The guidance is based on an estimated relatively short recession in Kesko’s operating countries. Key uncertainties impacting Kesko’s outlook are developments in inflation and interest rate levels, and Russia’s ongoing offensive war in Ukraine.

In the grocery trade division, B2C trade as a whole is estimated to remain stable, and the foodservice market is predicted to continue to grow. Price inflation will support sales development in euro terms, but will also increase costs. Operating profit is expected to remain at a good level.

The construction market is expected to decrease somewhat compared to 2022. New building construction is estimated to decrease, but renovation building and construction related to the green transition are estimated to continue to grow. Operating profit is expected to remain at a good level also in building and technical trade.

In the car trade division, car availability is estimated to improve, but demand is estimated to remain below long-term average. Profitability in the car trade division is expected to remain at a good level.


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