Future outlook 2009 Q4

Financial statements release 2009 (Published on 5 February 2010)

Estimates of the future outlook for the Kesko Group's net sales and operating profit excluding non-recurring items are given for the 12 months following the reporting period (1/2010-12/2010) in comparison with the 12 months preceding the reporting period (1/2009-12/2009).

The performance of the Group's operating activities is affected by the economic outlook in its different market areas and especially by the growth rate of private consumption. Substantial uncertainties are related to the economic outlook and developments in the real economy in the near future. In Finland, the unemployment rate is expected to rise further, which is why private consumer demand is not expected to return to growth during the next twelve months.

The steady development of the grocery trade is expected to continue, although grocery prices are expected to turn down. The market situation is expected to remain difficult in the building sector and in the car and machinery trade. 

Making any statement about the Group's future outlook continues to be impacted by the economic outlook and the increasing unemployment. In 2010, the Kesko Group's net sales and operating profit excluding non-recurring items from continuing operations are expected to match the level of 2009. The Group's liquidity and solvency are expected to remain excellent.


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