Future outlook 2017 Q1

Interim report 1-3/2017 (Published on 27 April 2017)

Estimates for the outlook of Kesko Group's net sales and comparable operating profit are given for the 12-month period following the reporting period (4/2017-3/2018) in comparison with the 12 months preceding the end of the reporting period (4/2016-3/2017).

The general economic situation and the expected trend in consumer demand vary in Kesko's different operating countries. In Finland, the trading sector is expected to grow. In the Finnish grocery trade, intense competition is expected to continue. The market for the Finnish building and technical trade is expected to grow. In Sweden and Norway, the market is expected to grow but at a somewhat slower rate. The trend in the Russian market is expected to remain modest. In the Baltic countries, the market is expected to grow.

Kesko Group's net sales for the next 12-month period are expected to remain at the level of the preceding 12 months. The net sales expectation takes account of the divestment of the K-maatalous business expected no later than the third quarter of 2017, the divestment of the Russian grocery trade in November 2016, as well as the transfer of the stores included in the acquisition of Suomen Lähikauppa to retailers and store closures. The comparable net sales for the next 12-month period are expected to exceed the level of the preceding 12 months. The comparable operating profit for the next 12-month period is expected to exceed the level of the preceding 12 months.


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