Kesko’s Annual Report more extensive than ever – sections now also include a Data Balance Sheet report which Kesko publishes first among Finnish listed companies

With the publication of annual reports, companies offer comparable information on their operations, results, and strategic directions transparently to all stakeholders. Kesko’s 2021 Annual Report is more extensive than ever before, as it now also includes a Data Balance Sheet report, which details Kesko’s responsible data use.

Kesko’s 2021 Annual Report details the progress made in Kesko’s strategy, financial performance and sustainability, with comprehensive performance indicators. The Annual Report – over 300 pages in total – comprises 5 sections: Kesko's Direction, Sustainability, Financial Review, Governance, and Data Balance Sheet. All sections of the Annual Report can be found on the Annual Reports webpage (

The scope of our annual reporting is affected by both legal requirements and our desire to voluntarily disclose information to our stakeholders. The Annual Report is an important tool especially for investors, analysts, and agencies that make sustainability assessments.

“There are a lot of requirements on listed companies to report on their results, financial statements, and corporate governance. Kesko wants to be a forerunner in corporate reporting and offer even more open and comparable information to our stakeholders than officially required. For example, in our Annual Report, we detail the risks and opportunities posed by climate change, and for the first time, we present an assessment on the share of sustainable products of our turnover as well as the share of sustainable capital expenditure,” says Hanna Jaakkola, Vice President of Investor Relations at Kesko.


Watch Kesko’s President and CEO Mikko Helander describe the company’s strategic progress in a video.

Kesko publishes a Data Balance Sheet report as the first listed company in Finland

Kesko’s new Data Balance Sheet Report describes how we utilise data to create benefits for both our customers and our business. The first report mainly focuses on our grocery trade consumer business in Finland. Transparent communication on our data strategy, data governance, and data use, and on how we create value sustainably using data is part of the new age of sustainability reporting, and in the spirit of the European data economy that values the rights of the individual.

“Digitalisation and customer experience are two complementary central themes in Kesko’s strategy. High-quality data and numerous data-based services create value for our customers, retailers, partners and the whole business. Our customers must always be able to trust that we are using all data responsibly in a manner that benefits the customer, and that we offer transparent information about our data use,” says Anni Ronkainen, Kesko’s Chief Digital Officer. 

Robust data protection, cyber security and compliance form a strong foundation on which everything is built. The still unused and unfolding potential offered by data inspires us to continue our data utilisation journey.

“We estimate that we are currently utilising around 25% of our data capital: our realistic objective is to double our data utilisation rate by 2025. Our goal is to use data to offer our customers a personalised, multichannel customer experience in both physical and online stores and digital channels,” says Minna Vakkilainen, Vice President of Analytics and Customer Data at Kesko.


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