K Group’s efforts to save energy yielding results: energy consumption down by 5% in October, investments in energy efficiency continue

Recent efforts to adjust store lighting, heating and refrigerating equipment reduced K Group’s energy consumption in October by 2.7 GWh, or 5%, compared to the year before. This is equal to the annual consumption of some 130 houses with electric heating, or to driving nearly 20 million kilometres with a small electric car. Energy renovations carried out when stores are remodelled have significant impact on energy efficiency. For example, by recycling heat waste, a K-Citymarket store can typically reduce its annual consumption of district heat by 40-60%.

Earlier this autumn, K Group began extensive measures to save energy, covering more than 1,300 stores and various offices and storage facilities. First measures included adjusting heating, optimising settings for refrigerating equipment, and reducing lighting in stores and offices.

”The measures we have implemented so far have enabled us to reduce our electricity consumption by 5% year-on-year in a short period of time. We want to set an example and encourage consumers and other organisations to seek ways in which to reduce their electricity consumption. Together we can reduce peaks in consumption and prevent potential power outages,” says Antti Kokkonen, Building Services Manager at K Group.

Kokkonen refers to plans to potentially employ rolling power outages in Finland this winter. Preparations are crucial for dealing with the matter. To ensure safe and smooth shopping for customers, any power outages should be kept as short as possible.

”Of course the stores already have clear operating models and instructions in case of power outages. The stores have, however, gone over and practiced the plans to ensure less disruptions for shoppers. We hope preparations from all relevant parties will allow us to avoid rolling power outages.”

Continuous investments in energy efficiency in stores

In addition to actively reducing its energy consumption, K Group is continuously investing in the energy efficiency of its stores and properties. Energy renovations are usually conducted when stores are remodelled. Such renovations include, for example, updating refrigerating equipment and lighting in grocery stores and adopting innovative solutions such as heat recycling systems for waste energy.

”The extensive energy renovations carried out in remodelled stores represent a significant investment for both Kesko and the stores. They improve energy efficiency significantly: by recycling heat waste, a K-Citymarket store can reduce its annual consumption of district heat by 40-60%. A switch to LED lighting reduces a hypermarket’s electricity consumption on average by some 500 MWh, which corresponds to the annual consumption of 25 houses with electric heating,” says Kokkonen.

The K-Citymarket Tammisto hypermarket in Vantaa is a good example of an energy-efficient grocery store. The store has a solar power plant, modern refrigerating equipment and a heat recycling system, and is testing a new lighting solution and automation system analytics service.

In Tampere, all three K-Citymarket hypermarkets will get new refrigerating systems, heat recycling system and energy-efficient new lighting solutions in 2022 and 2023. K-Citymarket Turtola, which will be ready first, is expected to see a 140-tonne annual reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

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