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February 2019

New companies join K Group’s 'Thank the Producer' operating model: nearly 1.5 million euros extra gathered so far for Finnish food producers

At the start of February, five Finnish companies – Berner, Helsingin Mylly, Jalostaja, Snellman and Vaasan – joined K Group’s 'Thank the Producer' operating model, which promotes Finnish food and Finnish food producers. The model has already resulted in an additional support sum of nearly 1.5 million euros, paid to the food producers.

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05.02.2019 15:35

January 2019

Local Food Date events help bring new products to store shelves

Few dates are as successful as those that involve local food. The Local Food Date events, launched by K Group and Finfood - Finnish Food Information in spring 2014, have already brought together hundreds of K-food retailers and local food producers.

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31.01.2019 15:09

K-Group becomes the biggest partner in the Pink ribbon fundraising campaign with a donation of over half a million euro

K-food stores participated in Syöpäsäätiö's 2018 Pink ribbon campaign with a record high contribution of approximately 586,000 euro. The amount is the highest ever during K-Group's 11 years of participation in the Pink ribbon campaign. The contribution is used to support Finnish breast cancer research as well as women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families.


22.01.2019 14:32

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