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March 2021

Kesko’s 2020 Annual Report is out – the report is full of useful information especially for investors

Kesko had a record year in 2020, as its sales grew and profitability improved significantly. In terms of sustainability, Kesko’s key actions included setting stricter climate targets, launching the Tracing Our Products website to increase the transparency of supply chains, and introducing a new nutritional value feature to the K-Ostokset service.

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19.03.2021 09:20

Kesko’s comparable sales grew in February

Kesko Group's sales totalled €797.9 million in February 2021, representing an increase of 3.0% in comparable terms on the previous year.

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12.03.2021 08:00

Aiming for carbon neutrality, K Group is using artificial intelligence to improve the energy efficiency of its stores

K Group and EnerKey are carrying out a new pilot which uses artificial intelligence to identify opportunities to save energy at K-food stores. The first results indicate that artificial intelligence can help improve the energy efficiency of stores, by as much as thousands of megawatt hours per year. K Group believes that a similar approach could be used to achieve massive savings throughout society as a whole.

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10.03.2021 14:35

February 2021

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