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July 2021

Kesko to acquire Byggarnas Partner, a company serving professional builders in Sweden

Kesko will acquire Byggarnas Partner, thus strengthening its position in the Swedish building and home improvement trade market further, especially in the Stockholm area.

Investor, Media

23.07.2021 09:05

Trendy patterns for foodservice customers created in collaboration with Aalto students

The first set of PatternLab-created patterns can be seen on Kespro’s foodservice-tableware products in the spring of 2021.


16.07.2021 13:00

What’s SUP? K Group well-prepared for the implementation of the new EU directive banning single-use plastics

People looking to buy disposable dishes for their summer picnic may be surprised by the lack of plastic options on store shelves. They may also come across a turtle label indicating that a product contains plastic, all thanks to the new EU SUP Directive, which enters into force this summer.


14.07.2021 10:37

Kesko's comparable sales continued to grow in June

Kesko Group's sales totalled €1,073.7 million in June 2021, representing an increase of 10.4% in comparable terms on the previous year.

Investor, Media

14.07.2021 08:00

K-food stores to install electronic shelf labels – the discarded datastrips could add up to 500 km of plastic to be recycled

Electronic shelf labels will be introduced in all K-Citymarkets and K-Supermarkets this year. The electronic shelf labels will improve efficiency, minimise price errors and save paper. The datastrips that will no longer be needed will be recycled and turned into new plastic products.

Responsibility, Customer, Company, Media

05.07.2021 12:51

June 2021

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