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June 2023

Finns eager to buy Ukraine bows, with South Karelians the most eager to participate

Support for Ukrainians arriving in Finland is well under way and is being funded by Ukraine bows sold in K grocery shops. Food gift cards with a total value of EUR 50,000 have been distributed to Ukrainian families with children and the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare works to offer them meaningful activities that bring Finns and Ukrainians together. People living in South Karelia have been the most eager to participate in the fundraising, which will continue until the end of June.

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20.06.2023 10:30

Kesko joins global climate collaboration with other sector operators to find new ways to reduce value chain emissions

EDRA/GHIN, the global trade bodies for home improvement retailers, and nine leading sector companies have launched a new collaborative climate taskforce, challenging the entire sector to join them. The goal is to find ways to harmonise emission calculations and reporting, and to reduce the Scope 3 emissions generated in the production and use of products.

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16.06.2023 13:07

Kesko’s sales in May

Kesko Group's sales in May 2023 totalled €1,095.6 million, representing an increase of 1.5%.

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14.06.2023 08:45

Onninen provides its customers data on the carbon footprint of its logistics operations

In a response to customer requests, Kesko’s technical wholesale company Onninen has introduced a new report which details the emissions arising from Onninen’s transport and packaging of products in Finland. The report helps Onninen’s B2B customers track the carbon footprint of the products that they order.

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12.06.2023 11:53

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