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October 2018

K Group joins global commitment to eliminate plastic pollution

Plastic waste is a global problem that requires action from all of us to save our planet. K Group bears its responsibility as a retailer, and has now joined the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment.

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29.10.2018 14:28

K Group issues new plastics policy: All Pirkka plastic packaging to be recyclable

K Group has updated its plastics policy, setting even tighter objectives for recycling and reducing and avoiding the use of plastics. K Group will reduce the amount of plastic in the packaging of its own brand products and make the packaging recyclable by the end of 2025.


29.10.2018 14:07

Kesko delivers best-ever quarterly result

Kesko published its Q3/2018 results on 24 October. Our comparable operating profit improved and rose to an all-time-high €113 million. Profit improved in the grocery trade and building and technical trade.

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26.10.2018 09:04

K Group and Smartmile are expanding the open and shared parcel service network

The new service enables customers to steer their parcels to one, preferred parcel machine in K Group stores. The service was piloted last March in Tampere, Finland. On Friday 26th of October, the new automated parcel terminals will be opened in Turku, Kirkkonummi, Tuusula, Porvoo and Tampere. Opening ceremonies will be held in K-Citymarket Kirkkonummi on Friday 26th of October starting at 1pm and in K-Citymarket Länsikeskus in Turku on Tuesday the 30th of October at 11 am. After the expansion, there will be eleven automated parcel terminals in Finland.


23.10.2018 14:47

Promoting the wellbeing of K Group staff with artificial intelligence

How can I have more energy and feel better? Is it possible to prevent diabetes with the right sort of diet? Kesko’s occupational healthcare services sought new ways to address these concerns through MealLogger coaching for K Group personnel at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. For five weeks, each MealLogger coaching group member took photos of their meals and shared them with the rest of the group as well as with artificial intelligence (AI) which analysed the meals.

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23.10.2018 08:46

K Group triples the number of 'Thank the Producer' products to help Finnish farmers

The exceptionally dry summer in 2018 severely affected the livelihoods of many food producers in Finland. In light of these acute difficulties, K Group first doubled the additional aid it pays directly to the producers of ten 'Thank the Producer' (Tuottajalle kiitos) products sold in K Group grocery stores. Now the 'Thank the Producer' range has been expanded to include thirty products. The extended range includes grain-based products and vegetables.

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23.10.2018 08:34

K Group announces ethical principles for utilising AI: the best interests and needs of our customers come first

Shopping today is already very much a digital experience, and the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in shopping will grow going forward in both physical stores and online. K Group’s customers already use many convenient and individually tailored services that utilise artificial intelligence. K Group has now announced its ethical principles for utilising artificial intelligence.

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22.10.2018 10:11

K Group joins accord to improve safety of clothing factories in Bangladesh

The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh aims to improve the electrical, fire and building safety of clothing factories in the country. Kesko is the fourth Finnish company to join the Accord. Kesko imports clothing from Bangladesh for the mywear range sold in K-Citymarkets.

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17.10.2018 13:01

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