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April 2023

K Group’s health targets are moving forward: more than 30 Pirkka products already carry the Heart Symbol

Making heart-friendly yet affordable choices at the grocery store will be easier once the Heart Symbol is added to familiar Pirkka products. To date, almost a hundred Pirkka products have been granted the right to use the Heart Symbol, and the symbol has already been added to the packaging of more than 30 products. K Group is committed to facilitating choices that promote wellbeing by setting health targets and making nutrition commitments.

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24.04.2023 07:30

March 2023

Kesko is enhancing its biodiversity work – pilot project of FIBS and Sitra provided insight for setting nature targets

Beehives on store roofs, collaboration work to save endangered migratory fish, more sustainable soy and cotton – Kesko and K-retailers have been carrying out work to prevent biodiversity loss for a long time. Kesko aims to adopt a more systematic approach to its biodiversity work and set specific targets and indicators for the work in each division. Ideas for this were sought in a recently completed nature pilot involving various companies, FIBS and Sitra.

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20.03.2023 10:16

Kesko’s comprehensive and renewed Annual Report describes the strategy’s targets and progress made

The annual reports that are published by companies in the spring make comparable information on the companies’ operations, financial results and strategic direction available to everyone. Kesko’s Annual Report 2022 presents the progress of its strategy, financial performance and sustainability work with comprehensive performance figures.

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06.03.2023 12:39

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