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January 2024

K Group set to hire 100 new IT and digital experts to develop cutting-edge technology in the trading sector

K Group will be hiring around 100 new experts for its IT and digital development over the next few years. In line with K Group’s strategy, we will invest heavily in digitalisation and customer experience. With the help of our new experts, our goal is to strengthen K Group's leadership in developing technologies for the trading sector across all three business divisions – grocery trade, building and technical trade, and car trade.

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04.01.2024 13:53

August 2023

Warehouse worker Elias onboards new arrivals as an instructor and knows what it takes to succeed on the job

Elias Tölli works at K Group’s central warehouse in Hakkila, Vantaa. He has been a warehouse worker for 13 years and enjoys his work. As part of the job, he welcomes and onboards new employees, and knows what it takes to excel in warehouse work.


04.08.2023 11:03

AI for the shopping cart – a Data Scientist transforms data into everyday customer innovations

Matias Tiainen, 28, loves numbers and solving mathematical problems. In his work as a Data Scientist, he gets to apply artificial intelligence to business as one of K Group’s 500 IT and digital experts.


04.08.2023 10:58

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