Various Kesko functions reorganised as a result of change negotiations – offering new positions to personnel members helped to reduce the number of redundancies

Kesko carried out three sets of change negotiations this winter, with the objective of reorganising operations and units to better correspond to changes in the company’s operating environment and customer behaviour.

In total, the negotiations concerned some 930 employees. When initiating the negotiations, Kesko estimated they could lead to the termination of some 130 positions and employment contracts. Following the negotiations, the contracts of 32 employees are to be terminated.  

“The focus of these change negotiations has been on adjusting our organisation and actions to respond to changes in customer behaviour. The process has resulted in changes to the job description of many of our employees, as well shifting responsibilities across the organisation,” says Matti Mettälä, Executive Vice President of Human Resources.   

During the reorganisation process, Kesko has had many vacant positions. A new model of offering those positions to the employees impacted was utilised during the negotiations.  

“We focused on implementing a new operating model that enabled us to offer open vacancies more widely to employees whose positions were to be terminated, both during and after the negotiations,” explains Mettälä. 

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