Logistics center in Hyvinkää to have its own solar power plant – solar power park will guarantee emission-free energy production

A solar power plant will be built for the new logistics center in Hyvinkää intended for Onninen and K-Auto. Emission-free energy will be produced by solar panels covering an area of 6,400 m2, supplied from Onninen’s wide range of products.

Kesko started construction of the logistics center in Hyvinkää in October 2022. The new logistics center will be completed in phases between 2025 and 2030 and will initially cover more than 80,000 m2.  

Sustainability is an important aspect of the Hyvinkää logistics center project in many ways. All electricity used at the logistics center will be fully renewable. Geothermal heating will be the main form of heating in the building and a dedicated solar power plant will be built on the site of the logistics center. 

An area of about 6,400 m2 will be reserved for the solar power park in the south-west corner of the plot.  

“The annual production estimate of the planned solar power plant is 630 MWh, which corresponds to the annual consumption of about 35 private houses. We will be able to fully utilize all the energy produced by the solar power plant in the new logistics center”, says Arto Koivisto, who is the director in charge of the renewable energy business and procuring renewable energy products at Onninen. 

The solar panels, mounting system, accessories for electrical and other installation, and the inverters for the solar power plant will be supplied from Onninen’s wide range of products.  

“Onninen has the widest range of photovoltaic systems in Finland for different needs, so it was natural for us to invest in solar power for the logistics center’s energy supply. Energy solutions and products related to the green transition are already playing an important role at Onninen. Our investment in the logistics center will help us prepare for future growth. When the new logistics center is completed, our warehouse capacity will increase significantly and we will be able to store and supply solar power systems, for example, more efficiently for our customers all over Finland,” says Martti Forss, Managing Director of Onninen Finland and Baltics. 

Founded on ambitious carbon neutrality targets 

K Group has already invested in solar power by building more than 40 solar power plants on the roofs of its stores and warehouses. In 2022, K Group’s solar power plants generated a total of 7.7 GWh of electricity for its stores and warehouses.   

K Group’s goal is to be carbon neutral in 2025 and to systematically reduce emissions to reach zero emissions from its own operations and transports by the end of 2030. The key measures for achieving the Carbon Neutral K Group target are improving the energy efficiency of properties and stores, using emission-free sources of energy and replacing fossil fuels with biofuels in transports. 

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