Kesko’s comprehensive and renewed Annual Report describes the strategy’s targets and progress made

The annual reports that are published by companies in the spring make comparable information on the companies’ operations, financial results and strategic direction available to everyone. Kesko’s Annual Report 2022 presents the progress of its strategy, financial performance and sustainability work with comprehensive performance figures.


Kesko’s Annual Report 2022 has been published in Finnish and English and it comprises five sections: Kesko’s direction, Sustainability, Financial review, Corporate governance and Data Balance Sheet. 

  • Kesko’ direction section describes Kesko and its divisions and the progress made in strategy execution, as well as Kesko’s financial targets, operating environment and value creation.
  • The Sustainability report details the objectives and progress made in our sustainability work, and provides key indicators in accordance with GRI standards.
  • The Financial review comprises the Report by the Board of Directors, the Group’s key performance indicators, and the financial statements and Auditor’s Report for 2022.
  • The section comprises Kesko’s Corporate Governance Statement, the Remuneration Report for Governing Bodies, and details on the members of Kesko’s Board of Directors and Group Management Board.
  • The Data balance sheet describes Kesko’s innovative, responsible data-driven value creation for customers, businesses, and stakeholders.

Kesko’s Annual Report is an important tool especially for investors, analysts and sustainability raters. 

“When making investment decisions, investors take factors related to the environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance extensively into account alongside financial aspects. We continuously develop our reporting so that we can offer comprehensive and open information for the needs of investors and our other stakeholders,” says Hanna Jaakkola, Vice President of Investor Relations at Kesko. 

View Kesko’s Annual Report, here

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