Need for reorganisation launches change negotiations in Kesko’s Common Operations – workforce reductions estimated to impact 51 jobs at the most

The operating environment for the trading sector is currently subject to notable uncertainties, which have also had a strong impact on customer behaviour.

“We must address the changes in our operating environment also when considering the focus areas for next year in Common Operations. We will be reviewing our organisational structures to ensure they best support our objectives in a changing operating environment, says Matti Mettälä, Kesko’s Executive Vice President of HR.  

”The basis for our planning is an even stronger focus on securing the basics for our business operations and support for critical functions. The number of development and other projects will also be reduced in 2023 compared to 2022.” 

Due to the changes in its operating environment, Kesko is initiating change negotiations in the following units of Common Operations: K IT, K Communications, Brand and Regional Affairs and K Legal. Change negotiations will also be initiated in parts of the eCommerce and Digital Development unit in the grocery trade division.  

The change negotiations initiated now will concern 373 people, and the estimated need for workforce reductions is 51 people at the most. In total, Kesko employs 12,500 people in Finland. The workforce reductions will not concern those working in the customer interface or logistics.  

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