Kesko initiates change negotiations in parts of its grocery trade business and in the K HR unit – workforce reductions estimated to impact 37 people

The operating environment for the trading sector is currently subject to various notable uncertainties due to, among other factors, the energy crisis in Europe, high inflation, and weakening economy. General uncertainty has also had a strong impact on customer behaviour, which has changed significantly during the year.

”We have been successful, but we must constantly examine the focus areas of our operations and organisational structures to ensure we are best equipped to respond to changes in customer behaviour as our operating environment changes,” says Matti Mettälä, Executive Vice President of HR at Kesko. 

“In an effort to respond to changes in customer behaviour and challenges in our operating environment, we will be increasingly focusing on securing the basics of our business operations and on supporting critical functions. The number of development and other projects will also be reduced in 2023 compared to 2022.” 

Kesko is initiating change negotiations in parts of its grocery trade business and in the K HR unit in its common operations with the objective of simplifying and reorganising organisational structures to respond to the changes in operating environment.  

Kesko employs in total some 17,800 people, of which some 12,500 in Finland. The change negotiations initiated concern 162 people, and workforce is estimated to be reduced by some 37 people. Workforce reductions will not concern those working in the customer interface or logistics.  

Invitations to the change negotiations were sent on 25 November, and the first negotiations will take place on 30 November. Personnel were also informed of the negotiations at briefings held on 25 November. The negotiations will last for six weeks, calculated from the first negotiation meeting.

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