K Group makes healthy choices easier by introducing the Heart Symbol to Pirkka and Pirkka Parhaat products

K Group intends to add the Heart Symbol, granted by the Finnish Heart Association, to approximately 200 existing Pirkka and Pirkka Parhaat products. The Heart Symbol is granted to products that are a healthier choice in a specific product category. The action is related to K Group’s goal to make it as easy as possible for customers to make healthy food choices.

Cardiovascular diseases are common and widespread among Finns, and diet is significant in the prevention of these diseases.

The Heart Symbol, granted by the Finnish Heart Association, makes it easier to select healthier choices. The symbol indicates that the product a better choice in its category due to the amount and quality of salt and fats that are used in the product. The Heart Symbol system includes over 50 product groups and corresponding nutritional criteria, which are based on scientific nutritional facts and nutritional recommendations.

Products that match the Heart Symbol criteria already exist in the Pirkka and Pirkka Parhaat product selection. Adding the Heart Symbol to approximately 200 existing Pirkka and Pirkka Parhaat products is one of the concrete ways K Group helps customers make healthier and more beneficial choices.

‘We want to promote the well-being and health of the Finnish people and make it easier for customers to make healthy choices in our stores. The Heart Symbol will be added to products in several different product categories, such as meat products, convenience foods and milk products that already match the Heart Symbol criteria,’ says Timo Jäske, the Sustainability Manager for K Group’s grocery trade division.

The Heart Symbols will be added to the products when the packets are updated. The first products of K Group’s own brands with the Heart Symbol can be found at the stores later this year.

The significance of health grew with the coronavirus pandemic

A survey that was carried out at K Group's customer community K-Kylä shows that customers believe food choices that are healthy and promote well-being to be one of the most important acts of sustainability.

‘When we asked the customers about their sustainability concerns, the health and well-being of the customers themselves and the people close to them scored high. Health has become more important with the coronavirus pandemic that has posed a concrete risk to the well-being of individuals and their loved ones. Customers expect us to invest in supporting healthier choices,’ says Jäske.

K Group’s healthiness guidelines lead the way towards healthier nutritional choices

K Group has launched the preparation for K Group’s healthiness guidelines that are meant to make healthier choices as easy as possible for customers of K grocery stores.

‘Our goal is to influence public health by promoting healthier nutritional choices. Families with children are significant focus point in our work. We are gathering a group of professionals as well as using outside expertise for compiling K Group’s healthiness guidelines,’ Jäske adds.

Many actions have already been taken to make healthier choices easier at K-stores. For example, with the data-based nutritional counter in the K-Ruoka app, customers can track their consumption of red meat and vegetables and compare their data to national health recommendations and set consumption-related goals.


*K Group carried out a survey at K Group's customer community K-Kylä between 14 April and 20 April, 2022. 1086 consumers around Finland answered the survey.


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