K Group and Wolt expand their cooperation for an efficient network for fast grocery deliveries across Finland

In a short time, K Group and the quick commerce pioneer Wolt have been able to establish an effective concept for fast grocery deliveries in Finland. 127 K-Market stores at 40 locations around Finland now offer fast deliveries in collaboration with Wolt, covering a range of as many as 5,000 grocery store products. There is great demand for fast grocery deliveries across the country, and by the end of this year, some 160 K-Market stores will be offering the service.

“Together with Wolt, we have been able to create a completely new market of fast grocery deliveries in Finland. Elsewhere, fast grocery delivery services tend to focus on major cities, but in Finland, the K-Market store chain – which has the most extensive network of local stores in the country – enables fast deliveries at 40 locations from Helsinki all the way up to Rovaniemi in Lapland. Our customers have welcomed the service, and demand is growing fast. By the end of the year, 160 K-Market stores will be offering fast deliveries,” says Ari Akseli, President of Kesko’s grocery trade division.

K-Market stores can offer for fast deliveries a range of as many as 5,000 products: providing such a vast selection with a delivery time of less than an hour is quite exceptional. At its shortest, the delivery time for grocery orders can be just 10 minutes.

Fast deliveries play a significant role in the growth of online grocery sales, and saw K Group’s online grocery sales take an upturn in the third quarter of this year (from July to September).

“Online grocery sales are predicted to grow significantly this decade in Finland. As a Finnish forerunner in this, we will be making efforts to continuously develop online grocery services. Our cooperation with Wolt has been successful and is set to expand further,” says Akseli.

“For us, it is important to offer Finns the possibility to get the items they want from the stores they love delivered quickly to their homes. K-Market stores have proven a firm favourite on the Wolt platform across the country. Our cooperation with Kesko has been great and we are looking forward to expanding that cooperation further,” says Joel Järvinen, General Manager of Wolt in Finland.

Further information:
Ari Akseli, President, Kesko’s grocery trade division, tel. +358 105 323 490
Antti Rajala, Vice President, eCommerce & Digital Development, Kesko, tel. +358 50 594 8149
Joel Järvinen, General Manager, Finland, Wolt, tel. +358 41 594 596


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