Energy awareness on the rise – Finns intend to save energy with heat pumps, more energy-efficient lighting, and better faucets and insulation

Finnish consumers are interested in saving water and energy. According to a survey* by K-Rauta, consumers are joining the effort to save energy by favouring energy-efficient lighting, air source heat pumps, and showers and faucets that help save water.

The rise in energy prices is causing Finns to seek new ways to save energy. K-Rauta Finland carried out a survey* to find out how consumers intend to save energy.

“Financial incentive is the biggest motivator at the moment. Notably, our survey shows that the second most important motives to save energy are sparing natural resources and mitigating climate change. All in all, we believe that awareness of sustainability factors is growing among consumers,” says Olli Pere, who heads the K-Rauta chain in Finland.

Energy-efficient lighting at the top of people’s lists 

According to K-Rauta’s survey, its customers have either already switched to energy-efficient lighting or intend to do so. Many customers are also contemplating getting an air source heat pump or an air-to-water heat pump. The third most common plan for improving energy-efficiency involved updating showers and faucets with the aim of saving water. To ensure heat will not go to waste, people intend to insulate their houses or get new windows and doors.

TOP 5 energy-saving purchases (either purchased or in planning)

  1. Energy-efficient lighting, e.g.  LEDs (5.02)

  2. Air source heat pumps or air-to-water heat pumps (3.99)

  3. Showers and faucets that save water (3.90)

  4. Updating or fixing windows (3.55)

  5. Updating or fixing doors (3.52)

    1 = no plans, 6 = already purchased

Statistics show that energy consumption in households is primarily related to heating rooms and water, secondly to the use of household appliances and lighting**.

“We are happy to learn that consumers are on board when it comes to efforts to save energy. Many of the measures are easy to carry out at reasonable cost. Some installation times may be lengthy, but it is still worth undertaking energy-related renovations: saving energy is always smart, whether you do it for financial or climate-related reasons,” says Pere.

K-Rauta tips for saving energy:

  • Switch to LED lighting 

  • Insulate windows and doors 

  • Ventilation maintenance  

  • Adjust heat – especially thermostats 

  • Review alternatives for heat production

* K-Rauta’s survey was conducted online in June 2022 among members of K Group’s K-Kylä customer community. The total number of respondents was 1,203. 

**Statistics Finland: Energy consumption in households 2020

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