K Group continues to strengthen its technology partner landscape

As part of its growth strategy and focus on providing its customers with the best digital solutions, Kesko has signed a set of collaboration agreements with carefully selected technology companies. Through the updated partner ecosystem, K Group continues the concentration of its ICT services to fewer partners and strives for more strategic collaborations.

”K Group is on an exciting journey to continue to grow in Finland and elsewhere in Northern Europe. At the same time, we are looking to strengthen our digital capabilities in order to improve our customer experience, efficiency and quality. We have selected the partners who best met our requirements in these areas,” says Mikko Helander, President and CEO of Kesko.

Information technology plays a fundamental role in K Group’s business and the partnerships in this area have become increasingly strategic choices for the Group.

“We have excellent relationships with our key partners. We have carefully scanned our options and decided on leading technology companies – our strategic partner TietoEVRY, the digitalisation partners Futurice and Reaktor, and Elisa, the leader in telecommunications. These companies have proven they have strong capabilities to help build digital leadership, accelerate our growth, and ensure business continuity. Additionally, large scale automation of IT services will provide considerable improvements in quality and cost-efficiency,” says Arto Hiltunen, Chief Information Officer of Kesko.

TietoEVRY will continue as K Group’s strategic partner, providing a wide range of services. With today’s announcement, our partnership will grow especially in SAP services.

“We are excited about the opportunity to grow our collaboration and accelerate the K Group business through advanced analytics and efficient use of data. We bring world-class capabilities, leading automation solutions and technologies to speed up K Group strategy execution,” says Kimmo Alkio, President and CEO of TietoEVRY.

The agreements signed with the named key partners are for 3-7 years. They cover the majority of K Group’s technology service areas. Other K Group technology partners include DieboldNixdorf, Euvic, Fujitsu and OpusCapita.

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