Interest in fish grew as expected – sushi has become more popular than fish sticks

Data shows that most predictions in last year’s K Group Food Trends 2019 report have been accurate: Finns have purchased more fish, berries and herbs this year.

Last autumn, K Group conducted a study to explore what ingredients and products Finns believed they would use more in 2019. Based on K Group's sales data, the estimates have been mostly accurate.

"As they predicted, consumers have increasingly favoured gutted and filleted fish, for example. However, the biggest hit among fish products in 2019 has been sushi, which has seen a staggering sales growth of 203%. Sushi sales are already higher than those of another favourite among families with children: fish sticks," says Harri Hovi, Vice President for Commerce at K Group’s grocery trade.

As Finns predicted last autumn, the year 2019 has seen an increase in the quantities of berries, herbs, wild mushrooms, bread from local bakeries, products from small producers and microbrewery beers in our shopping baskets.

In contrast, potatoes have not been so popular, even though they rose high in last year's survey. Development in potato sales has been flat on previous years.

"The popularity of root vegetables is, in turn, growing, especially those that are more special and colourful. They are indeed a growing product category in next year's trend forecast," says Hovi.

In addition to sushi, other 2019 hit products include processed and pre-chopped fruit, smoothies, ethnic meals and root vegetables.

Products with the biggest growth in 2019:

+230%         Processed and chopped fruits
+203%         Sushi
+ 81%          Drink mixes and mild wine-based drinks
+32%           Fresh berries
+16%           Cut flowers
+16%           Smoothies
+15%           Ethnic meals
+11%           Soft drinks (specialty drinks, incl. wellbeing beverages and kombucha +26%)
+10%           Herbs
+10%           Root vegetables
+10%           Frozen foods (pizza 12%, berries 26%)
+8%             Convenience food
+8%             Snacks
+5%             Bread

Sources: K Group's sales data in euros 8/2018–10/2019 and views by K Group experts on growing trends next year.

Further information:
Harri Hovi, Vice President, Commerce, K Group’s grocery trade division, tel. +358 50 383 7584
K Group media desk (Mon-Fri 8-16), tel. +358 105 350 200,

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