Kesko has acquired properties in Espoo and Salo – continues investments in its grocery store site network

Kesko has acquired two properties from eQ Commercial Properties Fund: the Sinikallio shopping centre in Mankkaa, Espoo, and the property where its K-Citymarket Salo hypermarket operates. Kesko has long been the primary tenant and main user of both properties.

The Sinikallio shopping centre acquired by Kesko is centrally located in the Mankkaa neighbourhood of Finland’s second biggest city Espoo, and comprises some 10,400 square metres. Kesko has been a tenant for over 30 years, and currently the shopping centre is home to the K-Supermarket Mankkaa store, which is one of the biggest grocery stores in the K-Supermarket grocery store chain in terms of both sales and square metres. The other tenants of the shopping centre will remain on as tenants of Kesko:  these include an Alko liquor store, a pharmacy, a pet supply store, and restaurants and gyms.

In the southwestern city of Salo, Kesko has acquired the property where its K-Citymarket Salo hypermarket has operated for nearly 40 years. The hypermarket is the biggest grocery store near Salo city centre, with excellent transport connections. The 9,400 square-metre property and the store were fully renovated in 2023–2024. In addition to the K-Citymarket, the property also hosts other service providers, such as a pharmacy and an Alko liquor store.

Both the Sinikallio shopping centre and the K-Citymarket Salo property host K-Lataus charging stations for electric vehicles.

Kesko has previously announced it will be strategically strengthening its network of grocery store sites in upcoming years by building new K-Citymarket hypermarket stores in growth centres and continuing to update and refurbish its existing stores.

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