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September 2019

Hanna Jaakkola appointed Kesko’s Vice President of Investor Relations

Hanna Jaakkola, M.Sc. (B.A.), has been appointed Kesko’s Vice President of Investor Relations as of 2 September 2019. Hanna has extensive experience in investor relations and she has previously held similar positions at the construction company YIT and the shopping centre company Citycon.

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05.09.2019 13:30

August 2019

The ’10 Days 100 Challenges’ event came up with new ideas for making sustainable choices in the grocery store easier

In early June, K Group’s K-Supermarket chain took part in the 10Days100Challenges innovation sprint organised by Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia, three big universities of applied sciences in the greater Helsinki area. For ten days, students sought solutions to challenges posed by various companies and organisations. The challenge presented by K-Supermarket was “How to make sustainable choices easier for customers?”

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06.08.2019 08:12

June 2019

K Group’s new main office building K-Kampus in Helsinki’s Kalasatama will bring together the Group’s divisions

K-Kampus, K Group’s new main office building, will be completed in Helsinki’s Kalasatama during summer 2019. The building will serve as a base for more than 1,800 K Group employees who have previously worked in various locations around the greater Helsinki area. K-Kampus is energy-efficient and will, for example, have carbon neutral waste management.

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26.06.2019 08:20

May 2019

Cheering, music and friends by the basketball court − Finnish Basketball Association and K Group continue their close cooperation

The cooperation, which focuses on encouraging children to exercise, organises a tour of street basketball events around Finland for primary school children. The tour, which is called Pirkka Street Basket, started again on Friday 3 May in Helsinki and this year will travel as far as Kemijärvi, which is further north than ever before. The cooperation has already helped to encourage 66,000 children to exercise.

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03.05.2019 14:52

April 2019

“This is our last chance to wake up to climate action!”

The Earth’s future is under threat, and we need climate actions now. Matti Kalervo, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at K Group, is dealing with big issues.

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26.04.2019 10:18

March 2019

Work trial led to a brighter future

Given the opportunity, a spark can turn into a flame. K-Supermarket HerkkuDuo’s retailer Kari Salmipuro took time to listen and opened the path for Marko Torkkeli back towards employment. See a video of Marko’s story below.

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18.03.2019 15:46

K Group responds to growing demand for organic foods – number of organic Pirkka products rises to almost 200 items

The popularity of organic food is growing in Finland and the rest of Europe. K Group will make organic food available to more consumers this year by adding dozens of new organic products to the Pirkka range. The new products also include organic taco and salsa dips.

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14.03.2019 15:41

New technology to support management of personnel wellbeing at Kesko

K Group has long been systematically developing procedures and services to support the wellbeing of its employees. Greater emphasis will now be placed on management with data to improve wellbeing. The goal is improved prediction of risks to wellbeing and tackling challenges related to wellbeing at an even earlier stage.

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14.03.2019 11:58

Kesko’s Annual Report: Economic benefit generated by Kesko and K-retailers to Finnish regions over 8 billion euros

Kesko’s Annual Report 2018 describes the progress made in Kesko’s strategy execution and sustainability work, with comprehensive performance indicators. The report depicts how K Group creates value for the whole society and measures taken for the environment and for ensuring the responsibility of supply chains.

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08.03.2019 09:15

January 2019

K Group's Food Trend Review: Conscious Consumption a Major Trend – Potato Makes a Comeback

Our new Food Trends 2019 report says that next year, the biggest trend affecting Finns' food choices will be conscious consumption. The second biggest trend is everyday wellbeing, with tailored wellbeing coming in third place. As for ingredients and products, in 2019 our shopping baskets will include more pre-cleaned fish, fresh herbs and potatoes, as well as bread from local bakeries and beers by microbreweries.

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21.01.2019 15:21

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