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July 2021

K-food stores to install electronic shelf labels – the discarded datastrips could add up to 500 km of plastic to be recycled

Electronic shelf labels will be introduced in all K-Citymarkets and K-Supermarkets this year. The electronic shelf labels will improve efficiency, minimise price errors and save paper. The datastrips that will no longer be needed will be recycled and turned into new plastic products.

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05.07.2021 12:51

May 2021

Food waste in K-food stores down by a record 9% in 2020

The reduction in food waste generated in K-food stores last year was attributable to various factors: demand grew during the pandemic, while K Group also took active measures and K-retailers came up with innovative solutions to minimise food waste. There is also an increasing number of products that utilise waste food, while consumers are growing more and more interested in products close to their sell-by date and sold at reduced prices.

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11.05.2021 09:33

April 2021

Finns favour domestic products at a level that is exceptional on a global scale

The tendency to favour domestic products is a global phenomenon in which Finland rises to the top, as Finns prefer domestic products more than average. At K Group, we work hard to ensure the good availability of Finnish products in both our grocery and building and home improvement stores, and the effort is reflected in our sales data. Growth in the sales of Finnish products, especially those with origin labelling, clearly exceeded market growth in Finland last year.

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29.04.2021 13:05

All Pirkka and K-Menu tuna cans to have QR codes that enable customers to access information on the products’ origin

Where does the tuna sold in K Group stores come from and is it sustainably caught? K Group is adding QR codes to its canned Pirkka and K Menu tuna products to enable customers to check the origin of the products at the store. The first tuna products with QR codes can already be found in K Group stores.

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29.04.2021 13:00

February 2021

The year of the pandemic was a great year for bottle collection – customers returned 614 million cans and bottles to K-stores for recycling

The time that people spent at home, what they ate and drank, and remote working were all reflected in bottle collection figures. During the year of the Covid-19 pandemic, a record-breaking number of around 614 million deposit cans and bottles were returned to the reverse vending machines at K-food stores.

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16.02.2021 12:04

December 2020

Kesko to donate Christmas dinner to 800 low-income families with the help of Hope ry

Covid-19 has made the financial situation of many families more difficult this year. This is why Kesko has decided to give its Christmas donation to Hope ry, an organisation with good local networks that knows how to reach the families and children who most need help

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02.12.2020 08:00

November 2020

Over 300 tons of plastic saved so far with changes to K Group’s own brand product packaging

This year, K Group has made changes to the packaging of 60 of its own brand products sold in grocery trade. The changes have resulted in considerable reductions in plastic use, equalling some 14 million plastic carrier bags. K Group’s objective is to reduce plastic in its own brand product packaging and make all the packaging either recyclable, biodegradable or reusable by the end of 2025. K Group encourages its customers to recycle used packaging by choosing suitable packaging materials and providing more easily understandable instructions for sorting.

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26.11.2020 15:31

Little Big Deed: Tervapata is a safe place

When Ville Kestilä, retailer at K-market Tervapata, discovered that serious bullying among schoolchildren was going on near his store, he decided to do what he could as a retailer: The K-Market was declared a bullying-free zone and a safe place for those being bullied.

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13.11.2020 09:36

K Group increases supply chain transparency with a new website that enables tracing the origin of products sold at K-stores

Where was the tuna purchased from your local K-store store caught? How do the farmers of Fairtrade roses use their Fairtrade premiums to benefit their community? Where does the timber used to build your new terrace come from? K Group’s new ‘Tracing our products’ website provides answers to the growing number of customer questions regarding the origins of products sold in our stores.

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04.11.2020 12:30

October 2020

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