Kesko's human resources policy

This policy describes the purpose and guidelines of Kesko Group’s (“Kesko”) human resources policy, as well as the related responsibilities and organisation.

Kesko respects internationally recognised human rights and complies with the key principles of the International Labour Organization. Our human resources policy is based on Kesko’s mission, vision, strategy and value, as well as responsible operating and management principles. A good employee experience arises from the good and uncompromised implementation of these principles.

Purpose of the human resources policy

The purpose of the policy is to ensure that highly competent and committed employees who are familiar with both their personal goals and Kesko’s direction forms the foundation for the achievement of good and sustainable financial results.

Our human resources policy consists of Kesko Group’s key principles in the area of HR management

Our operating principles determine all Kesko personnel’s ways of working and cooperation. All our operations are based on four principles: I operate directly, openly and honestly; I show the path, I’m all in; and I create trust.


The cornerstones of leadership at Kesko are leading with strategy, enabling success, and trust and respect.

Performance management supports the implementation of our strategy and business goals through employees’ good performance. Setting and monitoring personal goals that support our business goals, as well as regular feedback and performance assessment, increase motivation and commitment and provide a clear direction for our employees’ work. An employee is responsible for the management of their own performance, with support from their manager, and managers support their teams through regular discussions with each team member. Continuous performance management and discussions play a key role in ensuring strategy implementation.


Our key principles of compensation are a competitive total compensation based on performance and the fair treatment of employees. The purpose of compensation is to encourage good performance. Compensation models are based on strategy and business goals, and are supported through regular basic salary assessments, performance-based bonuses at Group-level and business-level, and common employee benefits.


Our competence development models are based on strategy and business goals, with the goal of personal learning paths and need-based learning. Competence development is the foundation for employee success and well-being at work.

We provide our employees with thorough induction training, and each employee completes training required for their job in a timely manner. Employees are responsible for their own competence, and managers support their team members’ competence development.

Performance and development discussions play an essential role in competence development. Our managers conduct performance and development discussions with employees at least once a year. In addition, managers provide regular feedback on work performance. We develop our managers’ competence to ensure high-quality leadership and managerial work.

Equality and non-discrimination

Kesko is committed to promoting equal opportunities and non-discrimination in all our operations. We work to be an innovative and evolving workplace community in which every employee is accepted as they are. Non-discrimination is promoted by means of a participatory approach, and is coordinated by Kesko’s Employee Equality and Diversity Group.

A diverse working community and a culture of inclusion are shaped through each Kesko employees’ behaviour, attitudes and choices. Kesko is committed to the goals, measures and indicators determined in its diversity and inclusion programme.

Safety and well-being

We promote our personnel’s health and safety, as well as their well-being and its management, by means of information and preventive work. We are aiming for zero accidents: an accident-free Kesko.

In cooperation with our employees, we ensure that everyone has a safe, healthy and productive work environment, as well as ensuring smoothly running work. We promote our personnel’s comprehensive physical, mental and social well-being, with the goal of creating workday experiences that promote well-being.

We take care of our employees’ work ability throughout their careers, ensuring support in different situations. Key means include solutions for people with partial working capacity to return to working life or to find and remain in employment.


We develop our recruitment methods, our managers’ recruitment skills and the candidate experience.

In recruitment, we are committed to equality and non-discrimination, as well as to making choices based on factors that predict success at work. Competence, training and motivation are highlighted in our recruitment choices.

We support internal career paths, with the goal of varied and long-term employment relationships during which our employees can grow and develop.

Responsibilities and organisation

The human resources policy is approved by Kesko Corporation’s Board of Directors.

Responsibility for the human resources policy lies with Kesko’s HR unit.

The human resources policy covers the operations of Kesko companies in all operating countries. Kesko’s personnel must comply with the policy. Kesko’s companies and units are responsible for implementing the policy and for ensuring sufficient resources in their operations.


Approved by Kesko Corporation’s Board of Directors on 17 December 2020. Enters into force on 1 January 2021.

Replaces the human resources policy approved by Kesko Corporation’s Group Management Board on 16 May 2007.

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