K Group’s ethical principles for utilising AI (artificial intelligence)

As K Group is the most sustainable trading sector company in the world and the biggest trading sector company in Finland, our ethical principles for utilising artificial intelligence naturally guide and support all our work and strategic choices related to the development of artificial intelligence.

K Group’s ethical principles for utilising artificial intelligence   

Responsibility and security

  • We protect the data and privacy of our customers. We transparently inform our customers of where and how we utilise the data they have provided.  

  • Responsibility and security direct the collection and utilisation of data and the creation of AI solutions and algorithms.  

Placing the best interests and needs of our customers first  

  • Our objective is to create solutions that are useful for our customers. Data and insight enable us to provide added value to the everyday lives of our customers.  

  • Our customers decide for themselves what data they provide for our use. We use customer data only for the purposes the customers have given their permission to.    

Human touch and quality   

  • We as humans lead the activity of AI solutions and algorithms.  

  • K Group is responsible for its AI solutions and the decisions they make. 

Common good for the whole society  

  • We and our partners use AI solutions to build a better society and a better world, be it supporting sustainable everyday consumer choices or improving welfare in the Finnish society.  

  • We respect human rights; the utilisation of AI solutions must not lead to discrimination.  

We engage in discussion and continuously develop our principles 

  • We understand how fast the world is changing and engage in constant dialogue in an effort to improve our operations. 

  • Due to the rapid pace of change, we are constantly reviewing our principles and ways of operating.

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