Business and concept development

At K-Group, our operations are guided by customer understanding and world-class customer data, which can be used to build services that make our customers' everyday lives easier as well as artificial intelligence applications and store concepts. Working alongside the retailer entrepreneur is both challenging and rewarding. And what's best, the entrepreneurial passion for running one's own business can be highly contagious!

New trends emerge all the time. This gives rise to new ways of serving customers and meeting customer needs. At K-Group, we build the future of trade by seeking new ways to meet changing needs in an environmentally sustainable way. We collaborate with the retailers to create solutions and establish stores that will become part of the daily lives of thousands of people.

The transition of the trading sector is guided by megatrends and digitality

Megatrends influence our strategic choices, based on which we develop and maintain our store network, among other things. Physical stores are important not only for undertaking their own business but also by acting as concentrations of services in their communities, enabling service provision also in sparsely populated areas and guaranteeing the vitality of these areas.

Digitalisation is revolutionising trade, and therefore trading sector companies need to change and adjust their operating methods to make them increasingly customer-oriented and experimental. The future of trade will shift towards an increasingly personalised shopping experience with the aid of digital solutions. At K-Group, we will harness service design and design thinking, among other things, as drivers of this change.

Join us in developing new operating models and services 

We develop business concepts and are engaged in digital service development across all the three sectors, which enables you to advance to a variety of positions in the course of your career. As the largest retailer in Finland and the third-largest in the Nordic countries, we can offer you various opportunities for refining your abilities on an ongoing basis.

There are not many workplaces where you can influence the everyday lives of so many people and see the results of your own efforts in the store's day-to-day business.

The scope of our operations is extensive, and even minor decisions make a difference.

We offer diverse opportunities for continuous improvement of your professional competence, such as development programmes tailored in line with your own goals. As a major international organisation, we can offer you ample career development opportunities.

The trading sector is in constant transition, and at K-Group you get to take part in steering this change. The scope of our operations is extensive, and your decisions make a difference.

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