There’s still time to apply for a summer job – K-stores again employ thousands for the summer

This is an exceptional year, and K-stores are hiring summer employees later than usual, even as late as July. The most efficient way to apply is to get in touch with your local K-retailer.

“K-retailers say that they are hiring summer employees a little later this year, with many stores only advertising for summer jobs since the start of June. If you haven’t found a summer job yet, there is still hope, as this year you can land one in July,” says Visa Myllyntaus, who is in charge of recruitments at K Group.

K Group is one of Finland’s biggest providers of summer jobs. Typically K Group offers some 5,000 summer jobs each year, but this year it is more difficult to estimate the total number of jobs available, as decisions are made on a tighter schedule and later than usual. 

“Stores have begun recruitment for summer employees later than usual, but there are plenty of jobs available and new summer positions being advertised all the time. The most efficient way to apply is to get in touch with your local K-retailer,” says Myllyntaus.

K Group is again collaborating with 4H to help young people gain work experience

K Group and the Finnish 4H Federation are expanding their collaboration to promote the financial, entrepreneurial and work-life skills of young people. This year, the parties work together with K-retailers to introduce 2,000 young people to work, while giving the K-retailers the opportunity to get to know local 9th graders. Those who want can apply for summer jobs at K Group stores.

The training is part of the 4H project ‘Ysit töihin’, which continues in 43 municipalities this year. The objective is to give a two-week summer job experience to all young people finishing 9th grade of comprehensive school.

“Although there have been fewer summer jobs available this year, young people should not lose hope, as positions may open up during the summer months. Keep an open mind and look for jobs, as all work experience can benefit you later in life. Be proactive and keep your eyes and ears open. Many sectors actually need more workers because of the coronavirus crisis,” says Sirkka Suomäki, project manager at the Finnish 4H Federation. 

The trading sector is a significant employer for young people, and it is important for K Group to reach out at an early stage when people have their first experiences of the job market.

“We share a common interest with 4H in promoting work-life skills among young people. We also share strong local connections, as our K-retailers collaborate with local 4H associations. This project brings together young people who need a job and our retailers,” says Visa Myllyntaus.

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