Codetermination negotiations in K-Auto and K-Caara concluded

The codetermination negotiations of the car importer K-Auto and the car retailer K-Caara, initiated in August, have been concluded. As a result of the negotiations, the personnel numbers of both companies will be adjusted and changes will be made to the organisational structures. The employment of some 100 people in total will be terminated.

The statutory codetermination negotiations with employee representatives were initiated in August with the objective of adjusting personnel numbers and organisational structures to the changed market situation in the car business.

It was estimated at the time that the negotiations could lead to the termination of the employment of some 190 people at the most. The negotiators attempted to find a solution with minimal impact on personnel numbers. As a result of the negotiations, some 180 positions in K-Auto and K-Caara will be terminated, resulting in the termination of employment of approximately 100 people. The number of redundancies is lower than anticipated thanks to people changing positions, fixed-term agreements ending, and retirement. 

The negotiations concerned the entire personnel of both companies, in total some 1,500 people.  

Further information: 

Johan Friman, President, K Auto Oy,, tel. +358 105 338 451    
Martti Muona, Managing Director, K Caara Oy,, tel. +358 105 333 310

K Group media desk, tel. +358 105 350 200,

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K Auto Oy imports and markets Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, CUPRA and Porsche passenger cars and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Finland, and SEAT cars in Estonia and Latvia.
K Auto Oy also imports MAN trucks, MAN TGE vans and MAN and Neoplan buses into Finland. K-Auto also develops car-related multichannel services.

K-Auto’s retail company K-Caara is a major retailer of new and used vehicles and it offers servicing and after-sales services at its own outlets in 15 localities. K-Caara’s services also include the online sales of used cars, a store for lower price range used cars, and leasing services for companies and private customers. 

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