Finland’s most popular app will show how well your purchases meet Finnish nutrition recommendations

A new feature designed to support wellbeing will be introduced to the K-Ruoka mobile app in August. The Hyvinvointi wellbeing service will calculate how well customers’ purchases from K-food stores meet the national nutrition recommendations. The service uses K Group's data on customer purchases combined with background information provided by customers to help users make healthier choices. The wellbeing service has been created in collaboration with registered dietician Reijo Laatikainen.

When a customer takes the service into use, it will calculate a nutrition index, which is a figure that shows how well their shopping basket meets the nutrition recommendations. The nutrition index is broken down into 12 different components, such as red meat, fish, pulses and vegetarian proteins, and vegetables. The service helps the customer improve their own nutrition index by suggesting nutrition targets, which guide the customer to increase their vegetable consumption or to reduce the amount of added sugar. The wellbeing service supports the set nutrition targets with different product and recipe suggestions.  

“At K Group, we want to help customers make sustainable choices that are beneficial for their health and in line with their own values and targets. Nutritious food is the foundation for wellbeing, and we have a huge amount of data on what customers buy from us. We have developed a model in cooperation with Reijo Laatikainen of Aava Medical Centre that compares this customer purchase data with the national nutrition recommendations. It is very important that we give this data to customers so they can make use of it and provide information that genuinely helps them in their everyday choices,” says Minna Vakkilainen, Vice President of Analytics, Data and Loyalty at K Group.  

The service uses data on customer purchases from K-food stores when the customer has shown their Plussa card. If several people with parallel Plussa cards live in the same household, purchases made with the different cards can be added to the service if the customer wishes. Customers can refine the figures calculated by the service and their personal targets by entering additional information on the size of the household and any foods to be avoided. The service will not start automatically, as customers have to activate the service themselves.  

“For customers, it is important that the data transfers to the service automatically and that it does not have to be entered separately. However, if you take the service into use, it is worth entering some details so the information provided by the service and the recipe and product suggestions are more relevant: the nutrition index is affected by how many people live in the household, and the product and recipe suggestions are affected by whether you want to follow a certain diet or avoid certain products,” says Vakkilainen.  

In addition to the nutrition index and targets, the wellbeing service will introduce other new features to the K-Ruoka app. The nutrition targets selected by the customer are supported with various product and recipe suggestions, whereby products, chosen from K-Ruoka's almost ten thousand recipes, which will help achieve the targets are suggested for the customer. A feature frequently requested by customers, which makes it easier to buy products for a recipe, will also be introduced: it will soon be possible to transfer the ingredients for a recipe to the shopping list in the app or the online store shopping basket with one click.  

“We are extensively developing our services in line with our customers’ wishes, and the Nutrition section launched in the K-Ruoka mobile app’s K-Ostokset service in autumn 2020 was a good prelude to this new service, which will be much more comprehensive than our previous services, to be launched this autumn. Our customers feel it is important to have an overview of their purchases and tools for weighing up choices and monitoring their impact, but right now they are especially interested in health and wellbeing. In the future, we plan to develop the wellbeing service into other areas in addition to nutrition, and we are looking for the best possible partners for this work,” says Vakkilainen.

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