K Group, Fortum and Kekkilä create a backyard composter made from plastic packaging recycled by households

Households are increasingly recycling plastic, which makes it possible to innovate new products to be sold at stores. K-Rauta has added to its selection a backyard composter created by three Finnish operators. Made from recycled plastic, the composter is a prime example of the circular economy.

In 2021, K Group and Fortum started cooperation to further increase the use of recycled plastic. These two companies were joined by Kekkilä to create the Eko backyard composter, which is only available at K-Rauta.

The composter is made from recycled plastic collected from consumers. As a basis for the innovation work, K Group and Fortum studied perceptions of recycled plastic through consumer research. The study showed that the use of recycled plastic brings meaning to waste sorting for consumers: 71% of the respondents reported that they usually recycle all the plastic packaging waste in their household. Close cooperation throughout the value chain is needed to convert plastic waste into products sold to consumers at stores. The backyard composter is an excellent example of this.

“K-Rauta works to enable its customers to make more sustainable choices. We seek to strengthen the circular economy and make new circular economy products available to consumers in cooperation with Finnish partners. Consumer research gave us a good idea of what kind of products made from recycled plastic our customers wish to be included in K-Rauta’s selection. The backyard composter made from recycled plastic was inspired by our customers’ wishes and created through cooperation between three Finnish operators,” says Outi Lehto, Product Category Manager for yard and garden products at K-Rauta.

The backyard composter also makes it easy for consumers to contribute to the circular economy by reducing waste. Composting is a sustainable way to recycle rapidly decomposing waste to be used as nutrients by plants.

The backyard composter is a product with the Key Flag symbol and is sold exclusively at the K-Rauta stores and online store.

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