K Group and Paulig invited coffee lovers to make sustainable choices - over 86,000 coffee and shade trees were planted in Nicaragua

K Group and Paulig extended their collaboration in autumn 2021 to support the livelihood of coffee farmers and sustainable cultivation practices. 84,000 new coffee trees and 2,000 shade trees have now been planted in the village of Jose de la Luz in Nicaragua.

Climate change and the extreme weather phenomena caused by it are among the biggest threats to the availability of coffee in the future. To support the livelihood of coffee farmers and sustainable cultivation practices, K Group and Paulig started a collaboration last year with the goal to plant 70,000 new coffee plants at Paulig’s partner farms in Nicaragua. The customers of K grocery stores could take part in the project by buying Paulig’s Rainforest Alliance or UTZ-certified city coffee packages.

“At the heart of our sustainability work is mitigating climate change, preventing environmental degradation and enabling a sustainable lifestyle for our customers. We’re delighted by the enthusiasm of the K grocery store customers to join in to support sustainable coffee cultivation. Our aim was to plant 70,000 tree seedlings, but through our collaboration we were able to plant over 86,000 new coffee and shade trees in the country of origin of coffee’’, says Timo Jäske, Sustainability Director for Kesko’s grocery trade division.

K Group and Paulig have been partners for a long time, and planting coffee plants in Nicaragua also supports both companies’ sustainability work and ambitious sustainability goals.

“We want to operate sustainably, mitigate climate change and respect biodiversity. Through our sustainability projects we aim to ensure that future generations can also enjoy their coffee moments with a good aftertaste”, says Paulig’s Sustainability and Public Affairs Director Lea Rankinen.

The collaboration resulted in numerous positive effects on coffee farms

The new coffee trees improve the productivity of 15 coffee farms significantly, and the shade trees support the maintenance of biodiversity, improve soil quality as well as curb erosion and water evaporation at plantations. Shade trees also act as carbon sinks to fight climate change.

“Around 90% of the residents of San Jose de la Luz earn their livelihood from coffee. We would like to thank Finnish coffee lovers for making sustainable choices. With the new trees, the vitality of our coffee farms has increased, and future crop prospects are better", says coffee farmer Aurelio López Pozo.

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