Saving 95,000 cardboard boxes a year – Kespro switches to reusable plastic containers for transports

K Group’s foodservice company Kespro is making changes to its transport packaging in order to reduce the consumption of cardboard by some 50 tonnes per year. As restaurants and cafés in Finland are obliged to recycle cardboard waste from foodservice transports, the change will also reduce waste disposal costs for them.

“The past year has been very challenging for the restaurant sector. By introducing reusable plastic containers for transports, we are making life easier for our customers in the restaurant sector and helping them cut waste disposal costs. This will also significantly reduce the need for cardboard containers in our transports,” says Nora Hortling, the Purchasing and Sales Director at Kespro in charge of the initiative.

By switching to reusable plastic containers, Kespro will cut the use of cardboard boxes by some 95,000 boxes per year. This will save some 50 tonnes of cardboard annually, as one box weighs approximately 500 grams.

“We estimate that in the long term, a reusable plastic container for which the customer pays a deposit is the most environmentally friendly alternative when delivering goods to our foodservice customers. Our estimate takes into account material durability, reuse load, and the environmental load of producing the materials,” says Hortling.

Made in Finland

Kespro will be introducing the new plastic containers for all customer deliveries in between March and May. Customers will be paying a deposit of €10 per container, and can return the containers to Kespro when they receive their next delivery. The containers are professionally washed after each use.

Kespro’s plastic containers are made by Schoeller Allibert Oy at its facility in Heinola. One container is estimated to last for five years in normal use. After that, the container will be recycled and its materials used for other plastic products. The containers are certified for food contact.

Kespro’s durable plastic transport containers

- Kespro’s customers pay a deposit of €10 per container when ordering items online.
- The containers are stackable when full and can be nested inside each other when empty.
- Customers can return empty containers to Kespro when they receive their next order.
- Customers receive a refund for returned containers.
- The containers are always washed in between deliveries.

Towards carbon neutrality

K Group updated its emissions objectives in spring 2020, targeting carbon neutrality by 2025, with zero own emissions by 2030. K Groups objective is that by the end of 2025, all packaging for our own brand products will be recyclable, reusable or biodegradable. 

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