Optimising Vantti logistics with Kespro brings savings of 87 carbon-dioxide tonnes per year

Based on data collected from transports, City of Vantaa Catering Services was able to optimise Kespro's deliveries to Vantti. The locations now accumulate 170 driving days and more than 6,000 fewer deliveries per year.

Vantti is a company owned by the City of Vantaa, which provides catering, cleaning, property, lobby and security services to the City of Vantaa. The number of wholesale transports was significantly reduced in Vantaa when the underlying data on transports to the kitchens of Vantaa schools and daycare centres were examined.

By optimising transports, delivery days could be reduced by 170 per year, which results in more than 6,000 fewer deliveries per year. The reorganisation of transports reduces the carbon footprint and supports the common goal of the City of Vantaa and Vantti to be carbon neutral in 2030. The optimisation was carried out so that it does not reduce the ability of the various Vantaa locations to provide catering services to their customers.

'We started planning the logistics optimisation of Vantti catering offices already last year, and we put the operating model into practice at the beginning of this year. Now, according to our experience over a six-month period, the new logistics model has been a success that saves employees' working hours and is at the same time more ecological,' says Planner Saara Venesjärvi from Vantti catering services.

'The reform was carried out by studying with Kespro the data obtained from their logistics for transports to Vantaa, i.e. what products go at what time, where and on what days. By studying the data, we were able to combine delivery days and product orders between different locations. The number of driving days changed so radically that we wondered if this could actually work,' Venesjärvi says.

'In the new logistics model, transportation vehicles can be loaded more efficiently with products, and at the same time we reduced the delivery days to different locations. As a result, we can drive fuller loads less frequently,' says Tuomas Volmanen, Sales Manager at Kespro.

On the way to the carbon neutrality goal, Vantti is working continuously with Kespro to reduce the carbon footprint. Other study projects are also underway in connection with transports and meal components.

K Group aims to achieve carbon neutrality in 2025 and to bring emissions from its own operations to zero by 2030. In recent years, K Group has introduced, for example, extra-long trucks for inter-city frame transport and electric trucks for urban transport.


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