K Group leads growth in the Finnish grocery trade – our market share grew for the fifth consecutive year in 2020

K Group was the only large operator in the Finnish grocery trade to increase its market share in 2020. K Group’s market share grew by 0.4 percentage points, and now stands at 36.9%. The year was particularly strong for the K-Citymarket chain, where sales growth clearly exceeded average market growth. The data comes from Nielsen’s Grocery Shop Directory, published today.

Nielsen publishes its Grocery Shop Directory annually. It measures the grocery trade market as a whole, covering the sales of physical and online stores selling groceries.

“Performance in K Group’s grocery stores continued to be excellent in 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic had a strong impact on the year, but we were clearly able to offer safe and successful customer experiences as well as selections that met customer expectations. Our progress is even more impressive considering we won over market share organically, not by increasing the number of stores,” says Ari Akseli, President of K Group’s grocery trade division.

According to Nielsen’s shop directory, the year was particularly strong for the K-Citymarket hypermarket chain, which grew by 12.2% and thus clearly exceeded average market growth.

“Positive customer experiences are central to all our grocery store chains, enabled by the store-specific business ideas that are formulated based on customer data. We continue to utilise customer data, the insight of K-retailers and innovations to improve customer experiences further. The good development in sales and customer satisfaction in all K Group grocery store chains and online store prove that we have been making the right strategic choices,” says Akseli.

An astonishing year for online grocery sales – K Group’s position strong

According to Nielsen’s data, online grocery sales grew to a whopping €395 million in Finland in 2020, from €110 million in 2019.

“The growth in online sales was exceptional in 2020, and K Group’s online grocery sales totalled some €210 million. We currently hold a strong position in online grocery in Finland, but know we cannot rest on our laurels – our peers are global and we are investing heavily in developing digital services,” says Akseli.

“We owe the biggest thanks for the good performance in 2020 to our customers in physical stores and online – they inspire and encourage us to do better every day, and we will continue to do so in 2021. Ensuring the safety of our customers and staff during the pandemic will also continue to be a key priority for us,” says Akseli.

K Group grocery store numbers on 1 January 2021 according to Nielsen (comparison figures for 1 Jan. 2020)

  • K-food stores, total: 1230 (1243)
  • K-Citymarket: 81 (81)
  • K-Supermarket: 241 (243)
  • K-Market 769 (777)
  • Neste K: 70 (71)
  • Others: 69 (71)

NB. Due to the inclusion of new markets in 2016, Nielsen market share figures published after 2016 are not comparable with the figures of years preceding that.

Further information:

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