Masks used at K-stores on a regional basis

As the coronavirus epidemic has accelerated, the recommendation to use masks has been given in many regions. As a responsible company, the K Group is doing everything to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In addition to the measures already taken to ensure safe shopping and occupational safety, masks have been taken into use in K-stores in areas where the use of masks has been more extensively recommended.

With regard to face masks, the K Group complies with the recommendations set by the health authorities. In the areas with a regional recommendation on the use of face masks, which is more extensive than the general recommendation on the use of masks, we have instructed our store personnel to use masks. As expert evaluations state that the plexiglass guards and visors used at checkouts and information points provide sufficient protection, it is not absolutely necessary to use masks in these locations.

Various measures had already been taken at the stores to guarantee a safe shopping and working environment. From the early stages of the epidemic, for example, plexiglass guards were installed at cash register and visors at self-service cash registers.

Instructions for safe shopping now more important than ever

Special care has been taken to ensure the safety of the stores during the pandemic. The safety measures have been planned in cooperation with experts and by utilising the latest research information. It has been of utmost importance for the K Group to safeguard the health of both the personnel and the customers to maintain confidence in safe shopping. Careful safety measures and increased hygiene levels have now become a new standard at the stores.

The actions and behaviour of each individual are also of great importance in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. The basic rule is not to go shopping when you are sick and when visiting stores to follow the instructions for safe shopping and the instructions of the authorities that are in force. It is still essential to keep a safe distance from other people, observe good hand and coughing hygiene and to wear face masks according to the local recommendations.

At K Group, we follow the instructions of the authorities and change our policies accordingly when necessary. Ensuring safe shopping will continue to be a top priority at K-stores. 

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